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E-P No.06 inter

Global Darkness
Interview with DJ TLR

(a.k.a. Mr.Clavio, owner of Créme Organisation, NL)

How would You characterize each Bunker and Créme Organization, where are the differences?

Bunker is the father, Crème the little sister.. The labels are run by different people and thus reflect different tastes, although there is some overlap. I would say Bunker is a bit weirder and darker and Crème aims at the dance floors a bit more, as it is run from a dj perspective.

Legowelts Disco Rout found its way to the dance-charts of MTV-Germany.. Do You see potential in other releases of Bunker / Crme to make a similar career or are You not interested in the wider public?

Sure, I think Bangkok Impact could be there as well, we'll see what happens with the upcoming album, That has a bit more media push behind it than the other stuff. It would be kind of stupid not to be interested in a wider public, obviously we want the music to be heard by as many people as possible, but we are not specifically aiming for it, nor do we have the means to do that (yet). The Legowelt tune only ended up there because it was on Sven Vath's label.

Did You notice a change considering bookings or the selling rates of Your releases after Legowelt hitting the airwaves?

Not personally no, but Crème has no Legowelt releases. I suppose the stuff has been selling steadily since it was released.

In the last months there were numerous new releases on Bunker/Créme. How do You cope with the risk of loosing a bit of Your original innovative energy if this output frequency holds on?

As long as I get good stuff and stuff I like I will release it. I don't think a label will necessarily suffer from a large number of releases, as long as the output is varied and consistent. Djax got away with it, so I don't see why we couldn't. Then again, at some point it can also slow down. Apart from repressing a large part of the back catalogue, Bunker has only released 4 new titles this year. It just depends, but when you're hot you're hot.

Can You tell us about the cooperation with labels like Stilleben, Kapellmeister and finnish music producers?

In general we work with friends and like minded people only. Business arrangements are based on trust and we help each other out where we can. I guess its an international network of friends.

Are there any new projects coming up?

You bet, there will be a series of three records on Crème Eclipse by Beta Evers, Kassen and Omni Incentive, a couple of other EP's, and most notably the Bangkok Impact double LP, which is the biggest project, in a full color sleeve and a CD release etc, that's gonna be fun to make. Then Bunker is also coming out with 4 new releases by Pametex, Eargoggle, and some other stuff. Too much to mention really, so keep your eyes open the next three months!

Thank You for the interview!

cheerio TLR

Créme Organisation